Meet Richard Willis

photograph of Richard Willis
Richard Willis is a Freelance iOS Developer who has been working in IT for nearly two decades. He started with Flash and ActionScript in 1999, became freelance in 2007, and moved to Swift and XCode in 2014. Most recently, he has worked on iPhone apps for innovative start ups like his current client and Hexology. In his previous incarnation as an ActionScript programmer he made software for the BBC, Lego, and Sony Ericsson and more. He has also worked on a number of projects with Golden Nica winning digital arts collective Blast Theory, and created games for the BAFTA winning agency Plug-In Media, amongst others.

He lives in London, and enjoys drawing with an actual pen or pencil – as with the acorns above – when he isn't working for a living.

And if you are curious about the sobriquet Joseph Beuys' Mum, there is a painting by Martin Kippenberger called The Mother of Joseph Beuys, which looks nothing like Joseph Beuys' mother, but which does look just like Richard!